unfinished sketches from my attempt at the #pokeddexy challenge last year. I may as well wait until later this year and pick up where I left off.

I’m not fond of most fighting pokemon but my Pangoro served me very well in my X game, and Mienfoo is really cute.

Favorite Fairy was a toss-up between Sylveon and Xerneas, but now I think Xerneas takes the cake, I love it.

oops I lied and tried drawing that mouth stomach OC anyway

as I remember, I made him for a game idea where he was a demon hunter who made a pact with a soul-eating demon who becomes a face on his torso and eats the souls of the demons he kills, giving him extra strength/powerups. it was like a dark and edgy kirby game or something.

i tried making him half-asian so he isn’t just Dante without a shirt even though he’s still basically Dante without a shirt. (protip don’t ask me to make OCs I’m terrible at it)

may as well post some WIP doodles before our move in a few days.

These are based on a personal OFF AU I’ve been knocking around for a while, where the world is a bit more civilized and populated by all sorts of weird monster people. The Batter’s a young guy with issues who moves into the big city to carve out his niche in the world, escaping a troubling past he’d rather not talk about. There isn’t really a big storyline, just a bunch of little story arcs as he meets the other major characters and develops various relationships with them.

He works at a baseball stadium where he tries to work his way towards becoming a star athlete. I tried designing some teammates, including this anteater-like guy he tries dating (and fails miserably)

The deer-skull lady is his therapist, and a distant relative. She’s really nice. =)