Lego Movie x Silent Hill crossover to welcome in the spoopy season

Emmet wanders thru a foggy, monster-infested version of Bricksburg facing off against personal demons and a deeply troubled past.

or he’s stuck in his apartment over and over like PT or The Room, or both, there’s a lot possibilities with this =]

also a good reason to draw gross lego monsters.



forgot to post my doodles of lego gangster au here

it’s essentially like grittyverse but set in 1920s america during the prohibition era, where i could see scarfaced scribble cop being a legit thing considering the times.

the Piece is a red briefcase handcuffed to emmets arm containing documents on making the cure for the Kragle, a deadly neurotoxin/drug Business plans to use to spread his iron grip to the entire country.

the master builders are rebels gifted with mild ESP powers, able to undo locks and spark fires with their minds. emmet shows potential as one.



Hey guys, I’m opening commissions for some extra cash, I could really use some.

Clean Sketch, color/tones optional - 8$

Lineart, sketch lines optional - $12

Flat color, shading and simple bg optional - $20

+$5 for each additional character in any category

Look in my art tag for more examples. Tips appreciated!

Will draw: furries, robots, monsters, fan characters, shipping, mostly anything.

Will NOT draw: porn, excessive violence or blood/gore

Email me at or send me a note on deviantArt detailing exactly what you want with as much info and references as possible. Let me know if there’s a specific style of my art you want.

After I accept your request, I will send you a rough sketch for approval. If you want any changes, I will make them and send them back. Once you’re 100% okay with it, send me the full payment through Paypal and I will complete your commission as soon as possible!

We can also negotiate the privacy of your commission.

Thank you guys!!