Hey guys, I’m opening commissions for some extra cash, I could really use some.

Clean Sketch, color/tones optional - 8$

Lineart, sketch lines optional - $12

Flat color, shading and simple bg optional - $20

+$5 for each additional character in any category

Look in my art tag for more examples. Tips appreciated!

Will draw: furries, robots, monsters, fan characters, shipping, mostly anything.

Will NOT draw: porn, excessive violence or blood/gore

Email me at or send me a note on deviantArt detailing exactly what you want with as much info and references as possible. Let me know if there’s a specific style of my art you want.

After I accept your request, I will send you a rough sketch for approval. If you want any changes, I will make them and send them back. Once you’re 100% okay with it, send me the full payment through Paypal and I will complete your commission as soon as possible!

We can also negotiate the privacy of your commission.

Thank you guys!!